Frog Tethers Set


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All three items that you see come in this multi-layered package for only $19.99 with free shipping the special lanyard is 28″ in length and has two position rings for attachment of the rangefinder tether for left or right-handed users and comes with two key rings for attachment points on your binocular to attach the lanyard spring hooks, which are very strong and secure.

The second item is the binocular tether it is 37″ in length and attaches from one side of the binocular then goes around the back and attaches to the other side of the binocular making it secure to your chest without discomfort or the need for adjustment. The third item in the package is the rangefinder tether 6 1/2″ in length and attaches to one of the positioned rings on the lanyard allowing for either left or right-handed users. Once you attach these items to your binocular and lanyard they then can become one unit to be kept with the binocular till used again, this way no item is lost and wraps compactly around the binoculars.

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